Introduction of Me

Hello there,

My name is Isika. I am a full time student at Roosevelt University. I will be graduating this summer — yay. My major is Integrated Marketing Communications. Admittedly, before studying this program,

I had absolutely no idea what this program was about. Nonetheless, once I am in it, I start to like it more and more; it gets intriguing every single summer. For instance, this semester I am taking CRM, Trade Promos, and Social Media. CRM: learning how to deal with customers effectively. Trade Promos: learning how to create best effective trades and promos campaigns. And Social Media: well, basically learning how to use / enhance social media to work best for business and this is why I am writing this blog; it is part of the course.

After graduating, I would like to get into advertising and marketing communications, to work in an advertising agency / PR firm. Hopefully, I will accomplish that one day soon. At least, I know I am on a path there…



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